My first official ad job was at Pure Brand Communications and we were ecstatic when we won AOR for Jackson Hole. As ski “Resorts” go, this was truly a mountain for back-country enthusiasts… more vertical and cliffs than any mountain in the US.

We were tasked with concepting a campaign for the 09-10 ski season. In the past Jackson Hole was positioned as a “Country” mountain, featuring horse-drawn stagecoaches with skis and cowboys. Which was fine, unless you consider Steamboat was saying the exact same thing in a similar voice. What was missing was some truth about the mountain’s aggressive terrain.

I wanted to show what goes into the making of a mountain with building size cliffs that were “in-bounds.” So I chose create a iconic recipe for the making of such terrain. I aired on the side of simplicity, leaving copy off all-together to let the strange/arresting imagery speak for itself. This idea was never bought which is the reason for it’s crude nature.