I really loved working with these folks while at Amélie. I was fortunate enough to put together a lot of conceptual campaigns with an amazing team of designers and illustrators. This idea never saw the light of day because they favored a campaign called “Lost in the Numbers”.

Just to explain Cateye’s positioning, at one point they were the computer on the market, and now they found themselves facing competitors like Polar and Garmin. After years at the top they were no longer the go-to computer for your handlebars and quite frankly they were too far behind now to outshine their competitors on metrics or R&D.

We used the Cateye mascot to develop a brand voice around the idea of “Live Feral”. This concept rallied around promoting them as the bike computer for everyone that wanted to ride. Come as you are, without shaving your legs or wearing revealing lycra. This was about riding when you can, as you are, to feel something other than fluorescent lighting and recycled air.

Concept sketch by Rex Peacock.