Some insurance companies offer a device for your vehicle that gives you a snapshot of your driving over 6 months. Noblr gives you the ability to change your rate month to month through responsible driving as well as time actually driving your vehicle. So let’s say you leave town for a two-week vacation and you come back to nothing but bills and buyers remorse. With Noblr your bill will reflect the time you were sipping adult beverages on a nude beach. And finally, they don’t charge you for the drivers around you that set the curve for other auto insurers… it’s all about your driving habits.

The Amélie creative team was tasked to come up with an ambient piece that would turn some heads and live on. The concept was simple, don’t drive like an ass and enjoy the savings. By creating a driving billboard on a right-hand-drive vehicle Noblr could get some attention with a rather vocal donkey.